Basic Behaviour Modification

10 Weekly Coaching Sessions*
$1,355.00 (plus GST)

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Perfect for:
 Dogs of any age requiring mild to moderate behaviour modification.
 Those looking for in-depth training assistance in some key areas.
 Leash reactivity.
 Nuisance barking.
 Mild to moderate Resource Guarding.
 Recall and off-leash trail skills.
 Crate and confinement training.
 Social play and greeting skills.

* Packages must be pre-paid, and all sessions scheduled in advance. Your trainer will contact you for scheduling upon receiving your Intake Form.

Discounted Pricing for Additional Sessions:

+ Book more weekly sessions at $125.00 each (plus GST).
Additional sessions must be booked within 4 weeks of your final session to qualify for this discount.

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