Rebus“If it wasn’t for Valerie Barry and Pam Murray, we would not be enjoying the company of our wonderful dog, Rebus. At six months of age, Rebus was fearful of and aggressive to people including us. The first behaviorist we used was punishment based and after two sessions, (two hours!), he thought our puppy would need to be put down. We were devastated! We changed behaviorists! Within one month of working with Valerie and Pamela, there was a significant improvement in Rebus. We have done some one on one work, nose work and manners classes. One year later, Rebus is a very happy, sweet cuddly dog. He has come a long, long way in a short period of time, thanks to Valerie and Pam. A true testament to the value of positive reinforcement, clicker training and great behaviorists! Thank you both!”

-Margaret and Rebus


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