We have started the puppy socialization class (The "Whole Chihuahua") with Valerie and Jane and are delighted with it. This is the Window of Opportunity for our dogs. The work we do with them now affects their entire lives. The first class showed us how to read our puppy's face and body language. Very interesting. We learned a great strategy for our puppy, Jasmine, to meet other dogs and we have been using it since the class with total success. In the second class, among other things, we learned how to handle the puppy's body physically. Valerie showed us the proper way with her perfectly trained Dobie. For example, pick up the puppy with the "bitey end" away from you! Puppies bite. A lot. And learning how to manage that is important for everyone. Valerie also gave us suggestions for good chew toys (and to always have them nearby!). Throughout the classes we can all ask questions and get feedback for our unique situations. Going to this class is the best thing we could have done for our puppy, Jasmine. It is perfect for her own Window of Opportunity.

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