We really enjoyed the Postive Puppy class. It was well organized and the supporting material that we received by email each week was always thoughtfully done and useful. I was most appreciative, however, with Valerie's quick and detailed replies to our emails. Thanks for all the advice and support for us and Metta!
- Greg and Metta

4 weekly sessions*
$200.00 (plus GST)

(minimum of 4, often bonus 1 or 2 or more play or socializing sessions depending on ages and social history)

This is an ongoing series - start anytime. Weekends, weekday evenings or on demand - just email me if you have a puppy and want to join!
If there are puppies, we will hold a class - you may be on your own at times, or with other puppies as they join.

*Before registering:
- Please read our current Policies.
- Please read our Terms and Conditions for Participation.

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Perfect for Puppies:
 aged between 9 weeks to 16 weeks at the start of class 
 with their first set of vaccinations (proof required)
 who have been in their new home at least one week before class start
 who are healthy with no signs of vomiting, diarrhea, or discharge from eyes, mouth, nose or any other area

This is a group class designed to cover the foundation of building that important early relationship with your puppy.

We teach:
+ Socialization
+ Focus and attention
+ Settle on your bed
+ Leash walking
+ Come when you’re called
+ Basic obedience
+ Play

We discuss and provide information on:
+ Housetraining
+ Nipping and biting
+ Crate training
+ Alone training
+ Enrichment
+ Behaviour prevention
+ Socialization

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